Web Gifts

This gift is unique to the Ananasi, and is often taught by Queen Ananasa herself. No other shifters allowed here!

• Web of Smoke

This gift creates a simple trap made from webbing. The web is not sticky, and can appear as simple as a mass of cobweb, or as an intricate, thick-stranded web obviously designed to keep out or capture intruders. Once the webbing is disturbed however, it dissolves into a thick, noxious black smoke, which obscures the vision and smells worse than a hundred or so rotted eggs. While not effective as a weapon, it has stopped many creatures from getting too far into an ananasi's lair.

Cost: One essence point.

Dice Pool: None.

Action: Immediate.

Roll to Resist

Anyone caught in the cloud must roll stamina at difficulty 8, or immediately go into a convulsive fit of vomiting. The target must make a stamina roll at difficulty 8 each turn thereafter to take any action. The subsequent action could include activating Resist Toxin, or getting out of the area. The duration of this lasts for one hour or until the scene concludes, whichever comes first.


As vampires don't breathe, they don't suffer the above penalty, however they are at a +1 difficulty for any action taken until they exit the cloud. One full turn must be spent trying to leave the cloud - if they're stopped, the +1 difficulty remains.

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