• Eyes of the Dead

The vampire employing Eyes of the Dead can literally see through the eyes of any wraiths around her, allowing her to use the wraith's Deathsight. If there are no wraiths present, the power is useless. On the upside, a few of the Restless may almost always be found wandering around. The auras of surrounding individuals give off tell-tale hints as to their health and may indicate their emotions or desires; the necromancer can see the energies of death and passion flowing through everyone, just as wraiths can.

Cost: None.

Dice Pool: Perception + Occult.

Action: Immediate.

Roll Results

Botch: The vampire is unable to alter her perceptions, and may not attempt this power again until the following evening.

Failure: The vampire is unable to alter her perceptions, and must wait until her next turn to attempt this power again.

Success: The vampire is capable of now seeing through the eyes of the wraiths around her. This lasts for one scene, or until the necromancer chooses to draw her perceptions back to her own body, whichever comes first.


This effect is often disorienting, especially in areas where many wraiths are present. At storyteller discretion this can cause the necromancer to suffer up to a +3 difficulty when attempting to perceive things not in the Underworld. While employing the Eyes of the Dead, the necromancer may not always understand what she is seeing (when in doubt, use Intelligence + Occult to recognise the patterns of death in auras). Properly used, this power lets a necromancer determine whether someone is injured, diseased, or dying, as well as whether the individual labours under any sort of curse or baleful magic.

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