This discipline is the art of transforming flesh and bone into something… more. Needless to say, anyone undergoing changes through vicissitude will experience a good deal of pain.

• Malleable Visage

A vampire with this power may alter her own bodily parameters: height, build, voice, facial features and skin tone, among other things. Such changes are cosmetic and minor in scope - no more than a foot of height gained or lost, for example. She must physically mould the alteration, literally shaping her flesh into the desired result.

Cost: One blood point for each change intended. Obviously, a vampire with a higher Blood Potency will be able to alter more aspects of herself with a single roll.

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Genetics.

Action: Immediate.

Roll Results

Botch: The change intended is twisted, disfigured. The vampire loses one dot from her appearance rating per botch level, and cannot correct these particular changes until the following night. All blood spent is lost.

Failure: The vampire is unable to alter her body, and must wait until her next turn to try again. All blood spent is lost.

Success: The vampire successfully changes as desired.


To duplicate another person or voice requires five successes for a flawless copy; fewer successes leave minute, or not-so-minute, flaws. Increasing one's appearance trait is difficulty 10, and a botch permanently reduces the attribute by one.

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