You have the ability to throw your voice, making it appear to come from somewhere else. This skill can be used for entertainment - or deception.

• Novice: You could do a ventriloquist act at a children’s party.

•• Practiced: You could get a spot with a local amateur vaudeville club. You can make someone standing next to you appear to speak.

••• Competent: You could almost make a living from your talent, with occasional TV variety shows breaking up the round of cheap clubs and theatres. You can make someone (or something) within five yards of you appear to speak.

•••• Expert: You could take your act to Vegas. You can make your voice appear to come from any spot within 10 meters (30 feet) of you.

••••• Master: Young hopefuls bombard you with questions, and Variety calls you the savior of a lost vaudeville art. You can make your voice appear to come from anywhere within earshot.

Specialties: Distance, Clarity, Dummy, Inanimate Object (e.g. radio)

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