Umbral Passage Gifts

These Gifts are often the speciality of the Nuwisha, though a few other breeds such as Garou or Corax may learn them as well.

• Pocket

With this gift the shifter is able to take an item and place it in the gauntlet near him. He can then later reclaim this item by another successful use of this gift, however Coyote does have a sense of humor… and sometimes the item might just be gone.

Cost: One essence point is spent to imbue the item so that it can exist in the spirit world. No essence need be spent to retrieve the item.

Dice Pool: Essence versus the local gauntlet.

Action: Immediate.

Roll Results

Botch: The shifter successfully places the item, but it disappears moments later and he loses the item. All essence spent is lost.

Failure: The item fails to be placed away. All essence spent is lost.

Success: The item is successfully placed.

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