True Faith

You have a deep-seated faith in and love for God, or whatever name you choose to call the Almighty. You begin the game with one point of Faith (a Trait with a range of 1-10). This Faith provides you with an inner strength and comfort that continues to support you when all else betrays you. This Merit is most common among members of the Celestial Chorus. Although other factions may possess Faith, Technomancers of any kind may not (and Faith in Kibo does not count!). It does not affect magick use in any way, but may allow for some other form of outside intervention (see, for example, Guardian Angel or Luck).

It will certainly vary from person to person, and will almost never be obvious some of the most saintly people have never performed a miracle greater than managing to ease the suffering an injured soul. The nature of any miracles you do perform will usually be tied to your own Nature, and you may never realize that you have been aided by a force beyond yourself.

True Faith is a rare attribute in this day and age. No one may start the game with more than one Faith Point. Additional points are only awarded at the Storyteller's discretion, based on appropriate behaviour and deeds.


Faith adds to Willpower rolls, giving +1 to the Dice Pool for each point in Faith.

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