Tide Gifts

This gift is available solely to the Rokea - land dwelling shifters are unwelcome here.

• Sense of the Tide

Using this gift, the shifter is able to find her way to anywhere she's been before, for no matter how brief a time. Note that this gift only works in water.

Cost: One essence point per day.

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Navigation.

Action: Immediate.

Roll Results

Botch: The shifter is misdirected and wanders in futile search of her chosen location. All essence spent is lost, and this gift cannot be used again for a number of hours equal to the botch. Ie -1 botch, 1 hour; -2 botch, 2 hours, etc.

Failure: The shifter gains no sense of her chosen location, and must wait until her next turn to use this gift again. All essence spent is lost.

Success: The shifter successfully senses the direction of the desired location.


The player need only roll once to activate this gift, but each new day requires another point of essence to be spent, if the shifter is to continue to successfully find the location. Whilst this only works in water, it can be utilised at the very least to find shorelines she knows as being near land locations.

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