Magic is as limitless and uncategorised as the universe itself. However, hundreds of years ago, Adepts decided that they needed some way to categorize and teach the various realms of Magic. Thus, the nine Spheres were born.

All things come from the Prime. They are conceived in the Mind, focused in the Spirit, then given form through Forces, Matter, and Life. They are perceived through Space and Time. They break down through Entropy, and eventually return to the Prime.

Sphere Levels:

Your Adept is just beginning to understand that there are greater forces at work around him. He has learned to see the Sphere – to watch it and understand how it works – but lacks the skill to interact with it and shape it to his will. An Apprentice in a Sphere is entirely a passive observer, with little more power than a Sleeper.

The 9 Spheres
Entropy Sphere
Forces Sphere
Life Sphere
Matter Sphere
Mind Sphere
Prime Sphere
Space Sphere
Spirit Sphere
Time Sphere
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