These werelions represent the best and worst of Gaia has to offer. They are proud, regal and powerful beyond compare, however they are also arrogant, domineering and malicious under the best circumstances. They are the very most social of all the Bastet, representing strength, unity and perseverance for all of Gaia's children. Never content to follow, they are natural born leaders.

Bitter, angry and resentful. These are the words to describe the Pumonca. These werecougars tend to walk alone, always moving from one place to the next. Their place is to seek out signs of taint in those places most forgotten. They love to spread stories and lore.

This is a nightmarish system that baffles all the other Changing Breeds. Simba's are ruled by prides, each territory having one, perhaps two males and a pack of females who do the hunting to provide for all. Simba males are quick to challenge other males who dare to impede on their territory, but are just as quick to embrace the females. Stronger prides rule over weaker ones and many disputes are centered on rituals of respect and defense. They do not have established ranks or positions within the pride, just a natural pecking order.

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