These are the creatures of the earth; those among the characters who strive to preserve the earth, preserve the peace, and wherever possible preserve jam. Though not all will admit to the final of these. Some just like their secrets. Y'know?

The shifter is a creature that may take the form of a human, animal, or in the case of the indecisive a mix between the two. Each shifter belongs to a certain "animal species", be it wolf (Garou), raven (Corax), coyote (Nuwisha), shark (Rokea), or various others. This limits their shiftings to that within their own species - a Corax for instance will not suddenly have the ability to grow the fur of a Garou in place of feathers, no matter how many tantrums she has trying.
All shifters have an affinity of sorts with the earth, or as many refer to it: "Gaia". Because of this many get menial day jobs such as gardeners.
Shifters come equipped with various powers, or "Gifts", suitable to their purpose and species, that strengthen over time and with the expenditure of experience points.

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