Sense Deception

Over the years, you have developed the ability to know instinctively when people are not telling you the truth or not telling you the whole truth. There is a way they look, a tone of voice, a movement of the eyes - you can’t analyze it, but it’s always there and your instincts rarely let you down. Generally you roll your Perception + Sense Deception - target's Manipulation + Subterfuge. Successes will tell you if the subject is lying, failure results in uncertainty, while a botch is left to Storyteller discretion.

• Novice: Sometimes you can tell, but you still get suckered —though less commonly than the average person does.

•• Practiced: It takes a silver tongue to pull the wool over your eyes.

••• Competent: Anyone who can slip one past you is a highly skilled con artist.

•••• Expert: You could make a living screening people for security.

••••• Master: People whisper behind your back, and many are nervous talking to you. Your ability is almost supernatural.

Specialties: Interviews, Investigative, Courtroom, Technical (Polygraphs).

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