When a character is going to use his power, be it a discipline, gift, or something else, it is necessary for a player to make a dice roll. The results of this roll determines the outcome of the character's actions. The dice pool for each roll is typically made up from an attribute and an ability.

Characters may also need to roll to use weapons in combat, for intelligence checks when dealing with mysteries, or even for stamina checks when travelling long distances without resting.

The standard difficulty for any roll is 7, though this can be subject to change through the use of some powers.

Botch: A botch indicates a dice roll where the player has rolled at least one 1, and no successes. Because there are no successes at all, the results of a botch are far worse than a simple fail, and the character trying to use the power is normally punished in some way.

Fail: A fail indicates a dice roll where the player scores 0, or a score in the negatives, due to the number of 1s rolled - but also managed to score a success. The combination of botching and succeeding balance each other out, and typically the character is only unable to perform the task they had wished to, but can try again on their next turn.

Success: A success indicates a dice roll where the player has managed to roll a positive score - i.e 1, 2, 3, etc. In some cases the number of successes may be used to determine the effectiveness of what the character is trying to do, but it is also as likely that only a single success is required to activate the power.

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