You are skilled in diagnosing and treating mental ailments (such as Derangements) without resorting to the use of behavior-altering drugs. During a session of analysis, you may roll Intelligence + Psychoanalysis - Subjects Intelligence. Keep track of your successes; the Storyteller will decide how many successes are necessary to remove the Derangement. Even Freud couldn’t cure people in a single session, so be patient. Note that it is possible to treat an unwilling patient this way, though the difficulty of so doing is equal to the subject’s Willpower. No amount of psychoanalysis can cure a Vampire's initial Dementation flaw. You cannot have more dots in this knowledge than you have in Psychology.

• Novice: A shoulder to cry on.

•• Practiced: Volunteer counsellor.

••• Competent: Professional counsellor.

•••• Expert: Qualified psychoanalyst.

••••• Master: Freud.

Specialties: Freudian, Jungian, Humanist, Ericksonian, Holistic, Wiccan, Childhood, Psychosis, Neurosis, Self, Sympathy, Terminology, Research.

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