Protean is the study of physical metamorphosis and transformation. Protean allows its master to assume various other forms and shapes. Since the core of a vampire’s self doesn’t alter with her shape, a transformed vampire can generally take any action or use any Discipline that her new form can reasonably allow. Vampires in the form of a wolf, for example, could read auras (as the sense of sight doesn’t vanish), but couldn’t Dominate someone effectively (as the prerequisite verbal command can no longer be given).

Any state that prevents the character from taking actions (such as being staked) likewise prevents transformation; the vampire needs the freedom to invoke her will.

Primary Discipline Flaw: Following each frenzy attack, the vampire will gain a permanent animal characteristic. I.e cat-like eyes, claws instead of nails, a tail…

• Eyes of the Beast

Once this discipline is activated, the vampire is capable of seeing perfectly well in pitch darkness, not requiring a light source to notice details in even the darkest basement or cave. The vampire's Beast is evident in her red glowing eyes, a sight sure to disturb most mortals.

Cost: One blood point.

Dice Pool: None.

Action: Immediate.


The character spends the blood point and the discipline comes into effect. This lasts for the duration of the scene, or until the vampire stops it - whichever comes first.

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