Prime Sphere

This Sphere covers the study of Quintessence, the raw stuff of Awakened Magic. Adepts trained in this Sphere understand and manipulate creation at its most basic, learning to detect, absorb and alter this mysterious Fifth Essence.

Prime is the study of the flow of Quintessential Patterns, the basic building blocks of reality. It isn’t exactly ‘the study of magic,’ but since nearly all magic manipulates Quintessence to some degree, it’s a common use for Prime.

Prime is an essential and powerful Sphere, as it governs the use of Quintessence to aid other forms of magic. Without wielding Quintessence, nothing can be made permanent, and the Adept’s work will gradually fade away. But Prime has more immediate uses – wielding Quintessence as a deadly weapon or a powerful shield, and gaining insight into the workings of magic itself. Prime energy fuels everything, so the Master of Prime has some control over anything.

Prime cannot create things from nothing without other Spheres. Prime deals purely with the magical side of things, and the essential nature of creation and destruction. Think of Prime as the power cells of magic, and the other Spheres are its conduits and controls. It’s possible to use Prime alone – but the results are often impressive and uncontrollable. Perhaps the greatest limit of Prime is that nearly all uses require Quintessence.

• Etheric Senses, Effuse Personal Quintessence

The Adept has tapped into the ebb and flow of Quintessence, able to see Quintessence in motion, flowing through magic and Nodes. An Adept may be able to determine what kind of effect was cast and how powerful it was, long after the event has passed. This level of Prime can instantly discern a magical item from a non-magical one, and identify if someone is enchanted.

Sample Rotes


Using this Rote, an Adept may convert his own life to Quintessence, gaining 1 Quintessence for each level of Lethal damage he gives himself. This Rote is obviously risky, but can be a true lifesaver when needed.

Magical Sense

The Adept senses the flow of magic around him. He may ask one question about the magic of a person, place, or object, such as ‘is he an Adept?’ or ‘is this object magical?’ or ‘has magic been used here recently?’ At higher Sphere Levels, more detailed versions of this Rote may be developed, but many Adepts know the usefulness of this basic level of perception.

Sense Quintessence

The Adept focuses closely on another magic-user. The subject must tell the caster how many points of Quintessence they currently possess.

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