Previous Events

A war, centuries in the making, finally comes to end in the year 2004. Vampires called it Gehenna, Shifters called it Apocalypse, the Mortals called it a living hell.

As the original Final Dawn took up arms and struggled to defeat the Antediluvians (the original Vampires), they faced the greatest odds any war has ever seen. Despite those odds they did succeed. At least they thought that they had and the end of the war did not bring the peace the survivors had long prayed for, instead, a new kind of hell was unleashed.

Fast forward to the year 2076 and a new group of Vampires and Shifters have come together to raise Final Dawn from the ashes in an attempt to battle the evil face before them. The group, lead by Sasha Arturo finds themselves in the burned out crumbling city of Phoenix in a land that is most commonly known as the Wastelands.

As they arrive, the members of the new Final Dawn find themselves high atop a cliff, the valley below swarms with degens, the taint of the land consuming all that it touches. Reunited with Brice and Kaze from whom they were separated from during the battle in Kyoto, they discover that Brice has purged this small piece of land from the taint and has actually blended with the earth to produce trees and plants that produce food, even the water in a small lake has been cleaned by his sacrifice, Kaze protecting him in his earthly slumber.

But as it always is, nothing good ever survives here and while the battle wary group tries to pull together and find a way to face the new threat with their meager numbers Marius arrives with the Mad Queen in a flying airship.

Desperate to keep his own men alive, Marius is unaware of the threat he poses as he drains the lake and allows the Mad Queen to take Alyse Gottschalk aboard the airship, as a guest or as a hostage has yet to be determined.

Without the pure water in the lake, the taint soon overwhelms everything, including Brice and the group attempts to find a way to heal him, and a cleansing is suggested.

As the darkness is forced away from Brice, Sasha Arturo, Alice, and Dario Valentine find themselves in 2004 again, as grown adults, living very normal lives. Some have suggested it is a dream, others believe this is what was meant to be, perhaps it is just an alternate world, but whatever it turns out to be, one thing is for certain, their lives will be irrevocably changed.

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