One of the most legendary powers vampires possess is the ability to attract, sway and control the emotions of others, especially those of mortals. Presence is perhaps the most versatile of disciplines, for its potential uses and applications are both varied and multitudinous. The more savvy the practitioner, the more use he can get out of each of the Discipline’s levels. Unlike some other disciplines, Presence can be used on entire crowds of targets simultaneously, making it even more potent — in the right hands.

The only requirement for use of most Presence powers is that any potential targets see the character. Eye contact is not required, nor is the ability to hear the character (though it certainly doesn’t hurt). The downside to Presence, such as is it is, is that its subjects retain their free will. Unlike victims of Dominate, who follow the commands of the vampire nearly mindlessly, those acting under Presence are simply emotionally predisposed to do whatever the power (or its user) suggests.

Primary Discipline Flaw: Cannot learn Obfuscate. Aura will glow on film and camera.

• Awe

The vampire gains a charismatic aura, becoming a natural leader, seducer and orator. Those near this vampire want to be closer to her, and are very receptive to the caster's point of view. Awe is extremely useful for mass communication. It matters little what is said, the hearts of those affected lean toward the caster's side. The weakest willed people find they agree with the caster while the stronger willed often find themselves hopelessly outnumbered, if they manage to resist.

Cost: One blood point.

Dice Pool: Charisma + Expression.

Action: Immediate.

Rolls Results

Botch: The vampire is unsuccessful in attempting to Awe those before her, and cannot attempt this discipline again on those present for a number of hours equal to the botch level. Ie. -1 botch, 1 hour; -2 botch, 2 hours, etc. The blood point spent is lost.

Failure: The vampire is unsuccessful in attempting to Awe those before her, and must wait until her next turn to try again. The blood point spent is lost.

Success: The vampire is successful in her attempts to Awe those before her. The number of successes rolled determines how many people are affected. If there are more people present than the vampire can Awe, those with the lowest willpower are first affected. The discipline stays up for the remainder of the scene or until the vampire decides to shut it off.


The vampire activates this discipline during conversation, and those surrounding her begin to pay particularly close attention, as outlined above. This remains in effect for as long as the vampire continues to speak. Should the victim be attacked, either by the caster or anyone else, the effects are broken and the victim can obviously defend himself.

Keep in mind this level in no way compels another character to do as the caster says - it is not a tool of instruction, such as Dominate, but one of communication and manipulation. Through this communication, a chosen target can be brought around to seeing the vampire's point of view, and indicating agreement. Possible outcomes of Awe may include, but are not limited to:

  • Characters signing their agreement onto a petition, as long as the vampire is speaking about what a brilliant concept is on offer.
  • Leading a target away from a group as he hurries to keep listening to what the[vampire is speaking of.
  • Getting mass agreement at a board meeting.
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