Physical Merits

These Merits deal with a character's health or physical make-up.

Acute Sense

One of your senses is exceptionally sharp, be it sight, hearing, smell, touch or taste. The character receives one extra dice in rolls for all tasks involving the use of this particular sense.


Your appearance is sufficiently thug-like to inspire fear or at least disquiet in those who see you. While you're not necessarily ugly per se, you do radiate a sort of quiet menace, to the point where people cross the street to avoid passing near you. You receive one extra dice for all Intimidation rolls against those who have not demonstrated their physical superiority to you.

Catlike Balance

You possess an innately perfect sense of balance. Characters with this Merit get an extra dice for all balance-related rolls (e.g., Dexterity + Acrobatics to walk along a narrow ledge).


You are unusually supple. You receive an extra dice for any Dexterity roll involving body flexibility. Squeezing through a tiny space is one example of a use for this Merit.

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