You are knowledgeable in occult areas such as mysticism, curses, magic, and folklore. Unlike most other knowledges, Occult does not imply a command of hard, factual information; much of what you know may well be rumor, myth, speculation or hearsay. However, the secrets to be learned in this field are worth centuries of sifting legend from fact. High levels of Occult imply a good grounding in other aspects of the occult; at the very least, you can discern what is patently false.

• Novice: You've paged through the New Age section of a Waldenbooks.

•• Practiced: There seems to be some unsettling truth to some of the rumors you've heard.

••• Competent: You've heard a lot and actually seen a little for yourself.

•••• Expert: You can recognize blatantly false sources and make educated guesses about the rest.

••••• Master: You know most of the basic truths about the hidden world.

Specialties: Rituals, Infernalism, Witches.

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