This discipline grants its users power over darkness. The precise nature of the "darkness" invoked is relative to the belief of the vampire. Some believe it to be shadows, while others, perhaps more correctly, believe the power grants a Kindred control over the stuff of her soul, allowing her to coax it tangibly forth. In any event, the effects of Obtenebration are terrifying, as waves of enveloping blackness roil out from the vampire, washing over their targets like an infernal tide. Blatant uses of this power are obvious supernatural effects.

Vampires using this discipline can see through the darkness they control, though other vampires cannot.

Primary Discipline Flaw: The vampire has a constant body temperature of just below freezing, that even blood expenditure cannot counter.

• Shadow Play

This power grants the vampire a limited control over shadows and other ambient darkness. Though the vampire cannot truly "create" darkness, she can overlap and stretch existing shadows, creating patches of gloom. This power also allows kindred to separate shadows from their casting bodies and even shape darkness into the shadows of things that are not truly there. Once a kindred takes control of darkness or shadow, it gains a mystical tangibility while under the vampire's manipulation.

Cost: One blood point.

Dice Pool: None.

Action: Immediate.


Shadow Play lasts for one scene and may be used for several different purposes (although each use takes one turn, and costs one blood point.)

  • Kindred cloaking themselves in shadow gain +1 to their stealth dice pools.
  • Vampires who use the darkness to make themselves more terrifying add +1 to intimidation dice pools.
  • Opponents plagued by flapping shadows and strangling darkness subtract -1 from stamina dice pools. Mortals, ghouls and other air-breathers reduced to zero stamina in this manner begin to asphyxiate; vampires lose all appropriate dice but are otherwise unaffected.
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