Vampires are inherently (and necessarily) creatures of secrecy and stealth. From hiding minute objects, to the ability to appear as someone else, to the power to fade from sight entirely, the discipline of Obfuscate grants the kindred uncanny powers of concealment, stealth and deception. Obfuscate clouds the mind in practice. For example, a character hiding an object by using this Discipline doesn’t actually make the object disappear, nor does someone using the Discipline to hide herself truly vanish. Rather, the mind sees “around” the Obfuscated object, refusing to acknowledge it, even if that requires a bit of filling in mental blanks.

The shroud of Obfuscate is very difficult to penetrate. Few vampires or other supernatural creatures can see through it, and only under the rarest of circumstances do mortals have any hope. Because they operate on a less conscious and mostly instinctual level, however, animals often perceive a vampire’s presence — and react with appropriate fear or hostility — even if they cannot detect her with their normal senses. Similarly, children, the mentally ill and others who see the world in ways not quite normal might pierce the deception at the Storyteller's discretion. Some kindred with Auspex are able to see through Obfuscate, or at least sense the presence of a supernatural deception.

It’s important to note that Obfuscate affects the viewer’s mind, rather than making any true physical change to the vampire. Thus, the Discipline is not effective at cloaking a character from mechanical devices. Photographs, video cameras and the like record the normal blurred image that all vampires leave in such media, not the assumed appearance. Obfuscate does affect any individual currently using the recording device, however, so someone videotaping an Obfuscated vampire sees the illusion when looking through the lens, discovering the truth only later when he reviews the tape itself. Unless stated otherwise, Obfuscate powers require very little concentration to maintain once invoked, and they last for the duration of a scene.

Primary Discipline Flaw: The vampire cannot ever learn Presence.

• Cloak of Shadows

At this level, the vampire must rely on nearby shadows and cover to assist in hiding her presence. She steps into an out-of-the-way, shadowed place and eases herself from normal sight.

Cost: None.

Dice Pool: None.

Action: Immediate.


The vampire may only employ this ability provided she is not already under observation. The vampire remains unnoticed as long as she stays silent, still, under some degree of cover (curtain, bush, door frame, lamp post, alley) and out of direct lighting. The immortal's concealment vanishes if she moves, attacks or falls under direct light. Furthermore, the vampire's deception cannot stand concentrated observation without fading.

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