Mind Sphere

The study of sentience, perhaps even separate from the biological brain, is the goal of this Sphere. It allows the Adept to plumb the depths of his own consciousness and unlock the powers within. Mind is the study of Patterns of thought, of the invisible flow of ideas. To an Adept with Mind, memory and perception are literally tangible things, which can be altered and controlled.

Mind is a favoured Sphere of many – the temptation of mind control, playing with emotions and perceptions causes many Adepts to study this Sphere. You’re a real psychic – reading minds, giving suggestions, and even causing damage through mental screams. A Master of Mind doesn’t need to fear the eyes of humans – they’ll see only what he wants them to see, do only what he wants them to do.

Mind cannot move objects – that’s the realm of Forces. Mind can do damage by overloading a target’s brain, but the damage is always Bashing. Mind can accelerate the human mind, but there is a limit, and there is always the cost of Paradox. Mind is fairly limited, since by definition, it cannot affect anything other than the minds of living creatures.

• Sense Thoughts and Emotions, Empower Self

The Adept has become attuned to the patterns of thought around him. With a look, an Adept can get a gut feeling or empathic hunch about a subject’s mood, or can tell if an object has a powerful emotional Resonance attached to it. The Adept can’t read the specifics of these emotions yet, just good vibes and bad vibes. But he can pick out the knife used for a bloody murder among a row of identical knives. Furthermore, the Adept has learned to categorise his own thoughts, accelerating his mental capacity and defending his thoughts from sensing and mental intrusion. Many Adepts will cast a Mind Effect at the beginning of each night just to prevent others from reading their mind.

Sample Rotes.

Mind Empowerment.

The Adept enhances his own mind. He gains +1 Trait to any test involving raw mental power and knowledge, such as mathematics, cryptology, or translation. He may contemplate a problem while still remaining fully aware of the world around him.

Mind Sensing.

The Adept seeks out the minds of others. He can sense the effects of Mind magic - if there is a mind where there shouldn’t be one (such as a magically-aware brick wall), or if a creature lacks a mind (such as a Sons of Ether robot, which looks human, but has no mind).

Conscience Alarm.

The Adept allows himself to feel the presence of minds around him. He gains a bonus on his next challenge to detect someone hiding with Stealth, and generally is very difficult to eavesdrop on or ambush.

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