Whether the desired sound is a Romanian accent, a bird call, or the bark of an attack dog a talented mimic can reproduce it. With enough practice the amazingly flexible human larynx can be used to create any sort of sound.

• Novice: You can fake accents in your native language and some impressions.

•• Practiced: You can manage accents well enough to fool anyone but a native speaker.

••• Competent: You could make a living with a stage act. After studying a subject for a few hours you can pick up their speech patterns and mannerisms well enough to fool anyone who doesn't know them closely.

•••• Expert: You can imitate a specific person well enough to fool even a close acquaintance, as long as she can't see you.

••••• Master: There is almost no accent or animal you can't imitate. With a few hours study, either of the real person or of a recording you can duplicate their voice.

Specialties: Animals, Sound Effects, Accents

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