Concentration and dedication are paramount in functioning, and a little serenity doesn't hurt either. Through Meditation, a character centers her mind, stills her thoughts and casts off the cares of the world for a time. Meditation allows characters to focus their thoughts and concentrate on specific problems or tasks. Thus, they draw their awareness inward to ignore harsh conditions or injury.

• Novice: Those gurus on the street sure make it look easy, right?

•• Practiced: Meditation helps sometimes when you're agitated.

••• Competent: A staple of your lifestyle, meditation keeps your mind clear.

•••• Expert: Even under highly adverse conditions, you can find your center.

••••• Master: You could practice Zen archery unruffled in the midst of a raging fire-storm — with your

Specialties: Stress Management, Clarity, Biofeedback, Zen

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