Light Gifts

Very rare Gifts known to few Shifters. These are taught by a Spirit of light, such as a Lune.

• Light

This gift allows a shifter to fill an area with pale silvery light, akin to moonlight. The light seems to emanate from the surroundings, allowing characters to move and act in the illuminated area without penalty. This gift has another use: by focusing the light, the shifter can use it to distract or daze foes.

Cost: One essence point.

Dice Pool: Stamina + Physics.

Action: Immediate.

Roll Results

Botch: The shifter suffers bashing damage equal to the level on the botch roll. Ie -1 botch, 1 damage; -2 botch, 2 damage, etc. All essence spent is lost.

Failure: No light is created, and all essence spent is lost.

Success re: Illumination: For each success rolled, one cubic meter of space is illuminated, centered on the shifter. The light lasts for a number of turns equal to the character's essence.

Success re: Focusing: The light lasts only a single turn, but does bashing damage equal to the number of successes to anyone that happens to be looking at it.

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