Life Sphere

The biology of all life forms (from simple viruses to the complexity of the human body) falls under this Sphere’s control. Biological functions may be sped up, slowed down or even completely rewritten at the whim of the Adept who masters this Sphere.

Life is the study of Patterns which are constantly developing and changing – in other words, alive. Once a Pattern is no longer developing and changing, it becomes the realm of Matter – so corpses and wooden chairs deal with Matter, not Life.

Life is a versatile Sphere, not only allowing the Adept to heal and change his body, but to harm and twist the bodies of others. At higher levels, Adepts can shape-shift into creatures unimagined by humans – or reduce their opponent to a pile of water and goop.

Life cannot affect anything other than living things, making it quite limited. It also cannot cause inorganic changes – you could turn your skin to bark, but you couldn’t turn it to steel without Matter. Likewise, you can’t alter someone’s emotions or mind without using Mind. Furthermore, drastic changes to Patterns cause Pattern Bleeding – if the Adept wants to stay in an unnatural form for more than one day, he takes one level of Lethal Damage each day. It may be easier to simply let the change fade, then suffer the Paradox of casting again, or make the extra push to make the effect permanent. Permanently changing his body can cause the Adept to risk forgetting who he really is, however.

• Sense Life

The Adept can feel the flow of life around him. He can sense injury or sickness in a subject, and can feel how much life is around him, and where generally it is. With practice, he can focus on a single life pattern to learn its type, sex, health, and age. Although he cannot yet affect this flow of life, just feeling the presence of living things can be comforting. Space and Life together make a nice sort of ‘radar sense.’

Sample Rotes.

Sense Life.

The Adept senses living things all around him, up to a certain distance. He also gains a basic sense of their nature – human, animal, or vegetable. Unless they are magically concealed, he gains a bonus to detect any hidden persons.

Sense Health.

The Adept studies the health and injury of a person or animal. The target must immediately tell the Adept how many Health Levels he has remaining.

True Age.

The Adept focuses on another person, looking for invisible flaws in their life. The player of that character must tell the Adept how old his character truly is, not just how old he looks.

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