Iron Stomach Gifts

• Breakfast of Champions

With this gift the shifter may take any small, easily destroyed item she can find - bark, beer cans, plastic wrap, whatever and stir it into the pot, turning it into a foul-tasting but edible mush.

Cost: One essence point.

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Cooking.

Action: Immediate.

Roll Results

Botch: The shifter creates a toxic substance, that when consumed does one point of aggravated damage per botch level. I.e. -1 botch, 1 damage; -2 botch, 2 damage, etc. This gift cannot be used again for the remainder of the scene. All essence spent is lost.

Failure: The shifter fails to transform the item into any variety of mush, and must wait until her next turn to attempt this again. All essence spent is lost.

Success: The shifter is able to create a batch of horrific mush. She may make as much as she can fit in the pot, but after one hour it reverts back to rubbish, if not consumed.

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