You have a knack for imparting information and skills to others. You can explain things and demonstrate techniques in such a way that anyone who listens to you can easily learn. You can teach any of your skills or knowledges to another character, but you can never raise a student’s score above your own. For example, if you have three dots in Music, you cannot teach someone enough to raise him to four dots in that skill. With the Storyteller’s approval, some talents, such as Brawl or Swimming, can be imparted. In these cases, it is good to roleplay some of the training sessions. Talents such as Empathy or Alertness cannot be taught; they must be learned the hard way.

• Novice: You can take simple concepts (e.g. basic arithmetic) and present them in an interesting and digestible manner.

•• Practiced: You can teach moderately complex things (e.g. algebra) and make them straightforward and interesting.

••• Competent: You can make differential calculus sound like the simplest thing in the world.

•••• Expert: Learning from you is scarcely an effort. You could teach irrational-number theory or Sumerian cuneiform to almost anyone.

••••• Master: You are an inspiring teacher, and bestow a touch of greatness on anyone who studies with you.

Specialties: Specific Talents, Skills, and Knowledges


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