You can place a subject into a trance and use hypnotism to gather information or treat psychiatric problems. To place a willing subject into a trance, make an opposed roll of your Charisma + Hypnotism - the subject's Intelligence (for an unwilling subject who is immobilized or otherwise forced to comply, the difficulty is increased by 2). The number of successes indicates the depth of the trance and can be added to your Hypnotism roll for the success of tasks. For example, a hypnotist with Charisma 4 and Hypnotism 4 hypnotizes a willing subject with Intelligence 2. The hypnotist rolls 3 successes, indicating a fairly deep trance. The hypnotist can now roll seven dice (3 successes plus Hypnotism 4) to probe the subject's mind.

• Novice: You do it occasionally to entertain.

•• Practiced: You are a skilled amateur.

••• Competent: You can find some interesting secrets.

•••• Expert: You can dig very deeply.

••••• Master: You can discover secrets from a subject's Past Lives.

Specialties: Interrogation, Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy, Behavior Modification.

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