Hearth Wisdom

Yours is the common wisdom of the peasant, what some might call "superstition" or "folklore". You may not understand the complexities of Shifters or the dark secrets of Vampires, but you know that the simple items (silver, holy water, sunlight, etc) have some power over supernatural beings, perhaps more than those beings would care to admit. You may also be able to use such bits of knowledge against your opponents. Hearth Wisdom can also be used for simple herbal remedies, although it is not as potent as Herbalism; such remedies will be for minor aches, fertility, colds, and other small things.

Hearth Wisdom carries certain corollaries with it, however. Folklore can vary from place to place, and what a Russian character knows may mean nothing to his Irish friend. Likewise, while a great deal of folklore may have that kernel of truth in it, the rest is chaff, and only experimentation may prove which is which. Most truth-fiction ratios should run about 20/80 or so, more or less depending on the storyteller and the character. For example, a Romanian may have lots of stories and superstitious about vampires, but may know almost nothing about gurahl. The Occult ability accounts for harder facts.

• Novice: You listened to Granny's fireside stories.

•• Practiced: You can recognize a creature when you hear of it, and learned from you village wise woman.

••• Competent: People come to you for advice and simple cures. You are familiar with lore from
neighboring countries, but not well versed in it.

•••• Expert: You are a fountain of lore from you native culture and one or two others. Some of that lore comes from personal experience.

••••• Master: Your word is respected, and you speak with authority about certain denizens of the shadow world.

Specialties: Irish, German, Scottish, English, French, Russian, Italian, Jewish, Omers, Cures, Wards, Charms.

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