Once ordinary mortals, ghouls are those who now feed from vampires. In doing so, a ghoul is capable of surviving throughout the centuries, provided she feeds from the kindred at least once a month. If she should miss a feeding, all the suppressed age will flood back into her system, instantly aging her. This is, of course, something of a dilemma if the ghoul has already lived past a mortal lifespan.

In addition to extended life, a ghoul is able to gain limited power, granted by the vampire blood within her system. Ghouls can typically learn celerity, fortitude and potence. A ghoul can store a number of kindred blood points in her system, equal to her stamina rating. In order to use her newfound powers, she must spend a point of the kindred vitae. As would be expected, this leaves ghouls at the mercy of their kindred masters, when it comes to needing blood to fuel their powers.

Typically viewed as nothing more than servants in the eyes of the kindred, ghouls become so enamoured with the vampire they feed from that little else matters save their master's wishes. This often leaves them scorned in the eyes of others who are aware of their status, and leads to a lonely existence. Of course, the opinions of others may mean little to a ghoul who is infatuated with a single kindred…

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