Legends abound of Vampires who are able to withstand even the most brutal punishment to their unliving forms. While all Vampires possess a certain degree of the toughness of which these tales speak, those with the discipline of Fortitude are commensurately more stalwart. Vampires with several dots of Fortitude are capable of walking through a hail of bullets, shrugging off even the most punishing blows, and even resisting the deadly claws and fangs of supernatural foes.

Primary Discipline Flaw: After completion of the scene in which Fortitude is employed, the vampire must roll willpower or be reduced to 1 Stamina dot until the next night. Spending blood for Fortitude for another scene will return Stamina levels for the duration of the new scene. Immediately following however, it will drop back to 1 dot.

Cost: One blood point per scene.

Dice Pool: None.

Action: Immediate.


Fortitude is unlike many other disciplines in that it is not actively rolled. Rather, it provides an augmentation of physical potential that lasts for the scene in which it is activated, and which affects other rolls. Each dot of Fortitude increases the character’s stamina by one for the scene in which the discipline is active.

Usually a vampire cannot use stamina for defence versus aggravated damage. However while Fortitude is active a vampire can use his stamina rating as his defence versus aggravated damage and his stamina + Fortitude versus bashing damage and lethal damage.

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