You can get your weapon ready almost instantly. By rolling Dexterity + Fast-Draw, you can draw a weapon and have it poised for use, just as if it had been in your hand all along. The difficulty depends on how securely stowed the weapon is — a gun hidden in your underwear is harder to reach than one in a belt holster! A klaive in a sheath is difficulty 7, for instance. This skill can be used with any weapon. When appropriate, the Fast-Draw score can be added to your Initiative roll.

• Novice: You have good reflexes.

•• Practiced: You're good, but not great.

••• Competent: You could work wild west shows.

•••• Expert: Pretty fast. Your enemies are wary of your speed in drawing your klaive.

••••• Master: Greased lightning. You might have been able to take Billy the Kid.

Specialties: Klaive, Pistol, Sword, Arrow, Rifle/Shotgun.

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