Dominance Gifts

The power to command others skilfully is an aptitude many desire but few possess. To sway another’s will requires courage and strength of mind, as well as a modicum of subtlety. Spirit teachers typically bestow these powers on Garou or Bastet to whom they owe gratitude. Among Garou, Ahroun have affinity for Dominance; Philodox and pack leaders often learn these Gifts as well. Teachers of Dominance Gifts are usually ancestor-spirits. Shifters cannot use Dominance Gifts on targets who possess more Primal Urge. Dominance Gifts do not function against other supernatural entities; they are Gifts that allow Shifters to establish dominance among themselves and their relatives.

A Shifter can use a Dominance Gift only against other Shifters, kinfolk, or ordinary humans.

• Warning Growl

This gift is the simplest of the secrets of Dominance, lending supernatural power to the sort of growl an alpha wolf uses to warn off a potential rival. The werewolf using this gift growls deeply and loudly while focusing her gaze on a particular target, striking sudden doubt into his heart and affecting his ability to face his opponent. The target must be able to hear the growl to be affected.

Cost: One essence point.

Dice Pool: Manipulation + Intimidation.

Action: Immediate.

Roll Results

Botch: The gift fails completely. The shifter cannot use any Dominance Gifts on the subject for the rest of the scene. The essence spent is lost.

Failure: The target feels no particular dread of the werewolf. The shifter must wait until her next turn to attempt this again. The essence spent is lost.

Success: This gift affects a single target. The gift user gains a +2 Defence bonus against any close-combat attacks made by the affected target for the duration of the scene — the target is literally too wary of the shifter to attack with full vigour. This gift can be used on multiple opponents during a scene, but the shifter must use the gift separately against each one (spending essence and making a roll each time).

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