You have the ability to deal with people of all types and creeds. Even when handling touchy subjects, you are able to get results without ruffling too many feathers. You are skilled at delicate negotiations and mediating disputes - getting along with others without overt manipulation and without letting your own aims fall to the wayside. This Sill involves a knowledge of the formal rules of give and take, as well as the official cultural rules of conduct and politeness.

• Novice: You can iron out school yard disputes.

•• Practiced: Friends ask you to deal with things for them.

••• Competent: You could shine in management or personnel.

•••• Expert: You could be a professional union negotiator or ombudsman.

••••• Master: You can defuse nearly any situation, from an industrial dispute to a religious war.

Specialties: Mediation, International Relations, Industry, Personal Relationships

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