Demolitions encompasses both the use of explosives and the knowledge of how to keep them from blowing up. Characters with this Knowledge know the proper methods for storing, transporting, and using various explosives and incendiary compounds. To learn this Knowledge you must have a dot in Chemistry and Electronics.

• Novice: You can manage pipe bombs or small black powder charges.

•• Practiced: You have gone through some basic training. You can place pre-made charges.

••• Competent: Defusing simple devices is within your capability. This is the minimum rating necessary to set your own charges from raw materials.

•••• Expert: You could seek employment as a disposal technician or perhaps the head of the bomb squad. You can figure out complex mechanisms.

••••• Master: Enforcement agencies across the globe call you to consult in crises or to help figure out what happened in the wake of a blast.

Specialties: Disarming, Booby Traps, Imploding Buildings, Bomb Detection, Vehicles, Blast Analysis.

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