Dementation allows the vampire to channel madness, focus it, and pour it into the minds of those around him.

Primary Discipline Flaw: The vampire suffers from one permanent derangement that can never be removed.

• Passion

The vampire may stir his victims emotions, either heightening them or blunting them. In this way a mild irritation can be turned into rage while true love to casual interest.

Cost: None.

Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy.

Action: Immediate.

Roll Results

Botch: The effects of Passion are directed towards the vampire instead of the victim. This lasts for the same duration as indicated in the Success System. Passion cannot be used against the same target for the remainder of the night.

Failure: The vampire is unable to manipulate the emotions of another and must wait until his next turn to attempt this again.

Success: The vampire can manipulate the emotions of another. Any target so affected will remain this way for 24 hours per success.


The vampire must gain the attention of the target he wishes to use this discipline on, however neither eye contact nor the ability to hear the vampire are necessary requirements.

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