• Sense the Sin

This power allows the vampire to see into the heart of a person, unearthing his flaws - his shortcomings, his vulnerabilities, his exploitable weaknesses.

Cost: One blood point.

Dice Pool: Perception + Empathy.

Action: Immediate.

Roll Results

Botch: The vampire gains a 'false sin', specifically something of no concern to the target. This discipline is also unable to be used again on the target in question for the duration of the scene. All blood points spent are lost.

Failure: No information is gained, and the vampire must wait until her next turn to attempt this again. All blood points spent are lost.

Success: The vampire can sense the weaknesses within the target. The depth and significance of this information are dictated by the degree of success and storyteller discretion.

One - Two Successes: Might determine a low humanity, weak willpower, or a poorly defended avenue of approach.

Three - Four Successes: Might yield a closely-guarded secret or conversational misstep.

Five+ Successes: Might yield a central Derangement or formative trauma from the subject's past.

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