Cryokinesis permits a psychic to decrease ambient temperature by slowing the movement of molecules around him.

Range is 2x user's Intelligence in meters.

Area is user's Intelligence in meters. Area is automatic.

When Cryokinesis is used against a living target, the victim suffers nothing more than discomfort until her internal body temperature is reduced by 5°C. At that point, the victim suffers a –1 penalty to Dexterity, Strength, and Stamina. For every additional 3°C of reduction, this Attribute penalty intensifies by an additional –1. If a victim’s Dexterity or Strength is reduced to zero, the victim is immobilized due to the onset of hypothermia.

Also, if a victim’s Stamina is reduced to zero, she takes one point of lethal damage per point below zero. If this damage is extreme, the victim suffers frostbite and may lose Attribute dots or gain Flaws to represent the loss of fingers or even limbs.

Most physical objects suffer no direct damage from low temperatures, but pipes can burst from frozen water, and machines that depend on lubricants may seize up if ambient temperature drops below freezing. At temperatures of -45°C (-50°F), trees snap and splinter spontaneously as heavy ice accumulates on their branches. Ice accumulates on streets and bridges, making travel hazardous.

Vampires and the undead are almost completely immune to low temperatures, but at temperatures of -45°C (–50°F) or lower, a vampire’s body might well freeze solid. Unless she can thaw herself out (through the use of blood or Disciplines), she may well remain paralyzed when the sun comes up the next morning.

Once a psychic has successfully lowered the temperature in a given location, he can do one of three things:

  1. Release his concentration and let temperature equalise normally. 5°C a turn/minute.
  2. Maintain the reduced temperature as long as he spends 1 willpower point a turn/minute.
  3. Use his Cryokinesis powers again (with another roll and willpower expenditure) to lower the temperature even further.

Defence does not apply, and the temperature shift bypasses armour unless the protection has some type of thermal aspect or the protection is a supernatural armour capable of protecting against cold. The attack also ignores cover, since the character can potentially lower the temperature over an area big enough to encompass even someone behind full cover. Cryokinesis affects the temperature of everything within the affected area, so living targets suffer a drop in body temperature commensurate with successes rolled.

Cost: 1 willpower point.

Dice Pool: Wits + Cryokinesis.

Action: Immediate.

Roll Results

Botch: Power fails. Until the user sleeps, any strong emotions may trigger a spontaneous use of this power, at Storyteller's discretion.

1°C per success

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