Some spend a great deal of time studying other worlds and dealing with spirits. The Cosmology knowledge represents this sort of education. Of course, the ways of the Umbra are diverse and strange, and there's no way to guarantee that what works in one place or time will work again. Still, certain landmarks and traits are mostly reliable, and some spirits have a habit of meddling with characters more than others. From such benchmarks, the character can make guesses about aspects of the universe and its denizens.

• Novice: You've heard that there's more than just Earth.

•• Practiced: You know the names of a few Umbral places and spirits.

••• Competent: Having visited the Umbra, you're no stranger to other worlds or creatures.

•••• Expert: Spirits drop in to chat with you.

••••• Master: Spirits ask you for advice about the Umbra.

Specialties: Spirit Names, Realms, Deep Umbra, The Gauntlet, Nodes.

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