This path allows the Blood Sorcerer to invoke objects 'out of thin air'. Objects summoned via this path are uniformly generic, in that each object summoned, if summoned again, would look exactly as it did at first. Additionally, conjured objects are neither flawed nor decorative. Weapons have no dents or scratches, computers have featureless casings, etc.
The limit on the size of conjured objects appears to be that of the conjurer: nothing larger than the Vampire herself can be created. The conjurer must also have some degree of familiarity with the object she wishes to call forth. Simply working from a picture or imagination calls for a higher difficulty, at Storyteller discretion.

The number of successes gained on the roll indicates the quality of the summoned object. One success yields a shoddy, imperfect creation, while five successes garner the Sorcerer a near perfect replica.

• Fleeting Simple Creation

The conjurer may create simple, inanimate objects. The objects cannot have any moving parts and may not be made of multiple materials. For example, the conjurer may summon a steel baton, a lead pipe, a wooden stake, a chunk of granite, a gold coin.

Cost: One blood point.

Dice Pool: Dexterity + Artistic Expression.

Action: Immediate.

Roll Results

Botch: The magic the vampire calls upon is channelled inaccurately, and instead of producing an item, the vampire temporarily breaks another personal possession. It remains unusable for a number of nights equal to the botch. Ie. -1 botch, 1 night, -2 botch, 2 nights, etc. The vampire must wait until her next turn to try this again. All blood points spent are lost.

Failure: The vampire is unable to create any item, and must wait until her next turn to try again. All blood points spent are lost.

Success: The vampire is able to conjure an item that remains in existence for one turn per success. Another blood point must be spent each turn thereafter that the conjurer wishes to keep the item in existence.

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