Computer Hacking

Hacking allows the computer user to break the rules. It is not a programming skill - that requires the Computers knowledge. Hacking represents an imaginative faculty above and beyond the use of the programming codes. In the binary computer world of yes/no, hacking represents the little bit of genius that says, “Well, maybe.”

When is Hacking used rather than the Computers knowledge? When the user is breaking into other computer systems or trying to manipulate data in “real time.” The Computers ability is used for programming or other miscellaneous tasks. Hacking is used most often as a complementary ability to Computers, but it can aid programming by allowing the character to work faster or to crack military codes that a normal programmer would not even be able to figure out. A character cannot have more dots in Computer Hacking than he does in Computers.

• Novice: You are a computergeek who knows a few tricks, such as changing your grades in the university computer network.

•• Practiced: You have great “luck” in guessing computer passwords.

••• Competent: You thought your electric bill was too high last month, but you can fix that with a few key strokes.

•••• Expert: Now that you have cracked the bank codes, which is it: Rio or Bermuda?

••••• Master: The European Community was pretty annoyed about that thermonuclear incident, but you know they can never trace it back to you.

Specialties: Viruses, Data Retrieval, Networking, Telecommunications.

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