You can climb mountains and/or walls, and seldom have any fear of falling. The technical skills of chimneying, spike-setting and rappelling are all well known to you - though, depending on your skill, you may be good or indifferent at them. Remember, mountain climbing at night is far more difficult than a daylight climb unless you can see in the dark.

• Novice: You can scale easy mountains or walls with handholds.

•• Practiced: You go on mountaineering vacations. You can climb heavily weathered stone or brick walls.

••• Competent: You work in an outdoor pursuits center as a mountaineering instructor. You can climb moderately rough stone or brick walls.

•••• Expert: You've done at least a couple of famous peaks. You can free-climb a fairly smooth stone or brick wall.

••••• Master: Everest and K2 are wild hikes. You could free-climb the Empire State Building.

Specialties: Cliffs, Hiking, Ice, Buildings, Free-Climbing, Rappelling

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