Tales and legends of vampires ascribe to them inhuman speed, the ability to move faster than the eye can see, and even to appear in two places at once. While some of those accounts are exaggerated, vampires with the discipline of Celerity can indeed move far faster than any mortal. They appear to blur into nothingness, all others moving as if in slow motion in comparison. Note that Celerity is obviously superhuman in use and has a tendency to leave too many curious mortal witnesses unaccounted for.

Primary Discipline Flaw: The vampire must spend his Celerity rating in blood to awaken each evening, instead of the ordinary cost of 1 blood point.

Cost: One blood point per turn.

Dice Pool: None.

Action: Immediate.


Celerity is unlike many other disciplines in that it is not actively rolled. Rather, it provides a group of benefits, many of which affect other rolls. Celerity cannot be invoked more than once per turn.

While Celerity is in effect the vampire gains his level in the discipline in extra actions. Celerity rating is also calculated into Initiative, and if he chooses to dodge can add his rating of Celerity to dexterity.

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