The Brawl Talent represents how well you fight in tooth-and-nail situations. This Talent represents skill in unarmed combat, whether from formal martial-arts training or simply from plenty of experience - either type can make you a dangerous adversary. Effective brawlers are coordinated, resistant to pain, quick, strong and mean; the willingness to do whatever it takes to hurt your opponent wins plenty of fights.

• Novice: You were picked on as a kid.

•• Practiced: You've seen the occasional bar-room tussle.

••• Competent: You've fought regularly and routinely, and generally walked away in better shape than your opponents.

•••• Expert: You could be a serious contender on a boxing circuit.

••••• Master: You can kill three men in four seconds.

Specialties: Boxing, Wrestling, Dirty Fighting, Kicks, Karate, Judo, Muay Thai, Throws, Submission Holds

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