Blood Points

"Blood Points" refers to the amount of blood a vampire has in her system at any given time. Without a constant supply of blood, a vampire will have difficulty using disciplines, taking on mortal qualities such as warmth in her touch, and even waking.

As a vampire uses her blood, she slowly takes on a corpse-like visage, which may arouse concern in family and friends, and suspicion in hunters. Once a vampire drops to zero Blood Points, she enters a comatose state, and can only awaken again if someone is willing to feed her blood.

Needless to say, it is the foolish vampire that allows herself to run out of blood.

A vampire must spend one blood point each evening to wake up. Those who take Celerity as their Primary Discipline will be required to spend more, as per the Celerity Flaw.

Each discipline has a cost attached to it, stated in terms of Blood Points. It is important to keep track of how much blood a character has left.

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