Blood Gifts

Known primarily by Ananasi and Nagah, few other Shifters have managed to learn this deadly path.

• Blood of Pain

The shifter with this gift is able to use her blood as a poison that will debilitate her enemy. Through intense physical conditioning, the shifter is able to change the nature of her blood to a foreign substance with unusual properties. The blood causes anyone who ingests it to become physically ill.

Cost: One essence point.

Dice Pool: No roll is required to activate the gift: however the shifter must use blood fresh from her body, meaning that she has to draw it from an open wound.

Action: Immediate.

Roll to Resist

Affected characters must make a stamina roll at difficulty 8, or be rendered completely ill. Such victims must make a stamina roll at difficulty 8 each turn to take any action; otherwise, they helplessly retch for that turn. The duration lasts the entire scene, or until the toxin is somehow neutralized.

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