This Discipline is as much science as thaumaturgy, and the Vampire performing these experiments will need a laboratory with a lot of esoteric equipment. Assume that a single roll requires an expenditure of $1000 per level being used.

• Thaumaturgical Forensics

The vampire can learn things about a target from a piece of hair, skin, blood, or other tissue. Things that can be learned by this power include age, sex, race, tribe, garou gifts, vampiric diablerie, traces of demon influence, disciplines, blood potency, etc. This level of Biothaum is considered to take a full night of examining the hair, skin, etc, before results are yielded.

Cost: One blood point for each piece of information the vampire wishes to learn.

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Medicine.

Action: Immediate.

Roll Results

Botch: The vampire is presented with false information at storyteller discretion. All blood points spent are lost.

Failure: The vampire is unable to determine any information about her target, and must wait until her next turn to attempt this again. All blood points spent are lost.

Success: The vampire gains one piece of information for each blood point spent.

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