There's a big difference between an inorganic machine and an organic one. You know how to straddle the line between them — how to design, implant, modify and employ cybernetics, biomechanisms, and nanotech. Naturally, these mainstays demand other abilities such as Medicine, Computers, and Electronics before you can understand them.

• Novice: You've watched biotech being installed and employed, and you understand the theories involved.

•• Practiced: You have a bit of hands-on practice with design and installation of basic biotech devices and Procedures.

••• Competent: You know the concepts, mechanisms and limits of existing biotech.

•••• Expert: At your level of expertise, new designs and drastic modifications are possible.

••••• Master: A biotech master, you may design, install, alter or employ almost anything you can imagine.

Specialties: Cloning, Cybernetics, Repair, Floronics, Genegineering, Nanotech, Biomechanisms, Radical Modification.

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