This Discipline bestows an uncanny sensory ability upon the Vampire.

Primary Discipline Flaw: The drawback normally associated with Heightened Senses is a constant risk for the vampire. Damaged hearing after a sudden loud noise, damaged sight after a bright flash of light, etc. The downside is this is a risk regardless of whether the vampire actually ''has'' heightened senses activated or not.

• Heightened Senses

This power lets the vampire heighten his five senses at will.

Cost: One blood point.

Dice Pool: None.

Action: Immediate.


The vampire takes a turn/minute to activate this discipline. If all five senses are heightened it will effectively double the range of all of his senses, or he can choose to heighten one sense and magnify its range by five times. The drawback is simple. If one or more of these heightened senses are in use when a stimulus occurs it can be overloaded. Ie. sharper hearing and a sudden clap could damage a vampire's hearing.

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